Easy To Please™

Easy to Please
Patent Floribunda

We were wondering how we could improve the award-winning Easy-To-Love® collection – the best true rose collection containing fully petaled varieties with very good disease resistance. Well, it’s quite simple! We’ve added a missing color to the collection with the pink flowering variety Easy To Please. Just like its name, this floribunda will please everyone! Want more bang for your bloom? With Easy To Please, not only are you getting a high performing rose in multiple climates, but you are also getting a multitude of classic spiraled flowers on a bush for which the disease resistance surpasses many landscape Shrubs. What else are we missing to make this rose a crowd pleaser? Nothing, as a moderate clove fragrance completes this SUPER flowerful, upright and vigorous plant to near perfection!
Rose Name: Easy To Please™
Cultivar: WEKfawibyblu
Patent #: PPAF
Class: Floribunda
Flower Color: Fuchsia pink with lighter reverse
Fragrance: Moderate clove with hints of cinnamon
Bud Form: Pointed & ovoid
Flower Form: Decorative & double
Flower Size: Medium, around 2½-3 inch diameter, in medium sized clusters
Petal Count: 20 to 30
Stem Length: Medium-long
Plant Habit: Medium-tall
Growth Habit: Upright
Foliage Color: Glossy medium green
Disease Resistance: Very good
Hybridizer: Christian Bédard
Parentage: (Seedling x Wild Blue Yonder) x Blue For You
Introduced By: Weeks Roses