Ketchup & Mustard™

Patent Floribunda

Certain to become a condimental favorite…slap a layer of the brightest red onto a backside of darkest yellow & set it atop the greeniest glossiest leaves. The combo makes your eyes blink in disbelief. Better yet, the flowers hold on to their attention-getting tones to the very end…dropping from the well-behaved rounded plant just in time to welcome the next round of abundant bloom. Tidy enough to tuck into a landscape, lend an accent to a container or top a rose tree. No buns or weenies required. Best flower size in cooler conditions. Bold & beautiful!
Rose Name: Ketchup & Mustard™
Cultivar: WEKzazette
Patent#: PPAF
Class: Floribunda
Flower Color: Attention-getting red with a deep yellow reverse
Fragrance: Mild
Flower Form: Formal, spiraled
Flower Size: Medium, up to 3½" diameter
Petal Count: 25 
Plant Habit: Medium
Growth Habit: Very rounded, bushy
Foliage Color: Bright glossy green
Disease Resistance: Good
Hybridizer: Christian Bédard—2012
Parentage: City of San Francisco x Shockwave
*Info and photo courtesy of Weeks Roses.