Sunny Knock Out®

Shrub Roses Patent

It wouldn’t bear the famous trademark, unless it carried the same great black spot resistance. Which is does. But ‘sunny’ may be a little ambitious. In roses, deep lasting yellow color is going to be difficult to genetically combine with cleanliness. Yet Sunny gives a good effort with loads of yellow buds that pop open to white single flowers set against a full bushy rounded plant.
Cultivar: RADsunny
Patent #: 18,562
Class: Shrub
Flower Color: Soft yellow fading white
Fragrance: Moderate to light
Bud Form: Pointed
Flower Form: Single
Flower Size: Medium, around 3" diameter
Petal Count: 5 to 7
Stem Length: Medium-short
Plant Habit: Medium to medium-short
Growth Habit: Compact & rounded
Foliage Color: Deep green
Disease Resistance: Excellent for black spot
Hybridizer: Radler—2007
Parentage: Brite Eyes x Alaska
Introduced By: Conard-Pyle Co.
*Info and Photo courtesy of Weeks Roses.