Buxus ~ Green Velvet® Boxwood
#2-$29.00, #3-$49.00
A broadleaf evergreen selected by Sheridan Nursery. Slow growing, rounded plant well suited for a… more
Buxus ~ Green Mountain Boxwood
#3-$49.00, #7-$69.00 CONE
  Naturally cone-shaped if left unsheared, 'Green Mountain' is a relatively fast growing variety of… more
Ilex x meserveae ~ Holly
5-8' Dense foliage on purple stems with small white flowers in late summer. Full to partial… more
Ilex x meserveae ~ Holly
5-8' Bright red berries from fall through winter on purple stems. Full to partial sun. Needs… more
Ilex x meserveae ~ Blue Princess & Blue Prince Duet Holly
Blue Princess and Blue Prince holly brilliantly combined in one container eliminates the need for… more
Rhododenron ~ P.J.M. Rhododendron
 One of the hardiest rhododendrons for the upper midwest. Masses of mauve flowers bloom in spring… more