In roses, if you start with something good (like a 2007 AARS winner), you can sport (mutate) to a different color that’s just as good or sometimes better. This sport of Strike It Rich has all the same great plant qualities (same vigorous bushy plant that flowers like a weed and smells up a storm) of the original parent but just comes in a different color - a clear long-lasting even glowing yellow. A true Grandiflora, the very dark green leaves & red stems set off the many showy clusters of blossoms. Scent-sational for a bouquet & beauty-full in the landscape
Cultivar: WEKyesir
Patent #: 21,989
Class: Grandiflora
Flower Color: Beautiful bright clear yellow
Fragrance: Strong sweet spice & fruit
Bud Form: Very long, pointed & elegant
Flower Form: Double, informal
Flower Size: Large, up to 5" diameter
Petal Count: Around 30
Stem Length: Long
Plant Habit: Medium-tall
Growth Habit: Upright, bushy
Foliage Color: Deep green with red stems
Disease Resistance: Excellent
Hybridizer: Christian Bedard & Tom Carruth—2010
Parentage: Sport of Strike It Rich
Introduced By: Weeks Roses