Smokin' Hot™

Hybrid Tea Roses

This rose is the proof of the old adage ‘there’s no smoke without fire’. You can clearly see the smoky purple overlay on the fiery orange petals of Smokin’ Hot. Quite unique! Bring the fire indoors with an attractive bouquet of these novel flowers produced singly on long stems. The plant is a bouquet factory and the flowers will look gorgeous on the table or on the fireplace mantel. But don’t worry, you won’t burn yourself! This rose isn’t just all about flames and smoke. The combustion is cooled down by the glossy medium green background foliage. And just like ‘smoke rises’, so does this upright and very vigorous bush.   Cultivar: WEKmopaga Patent #: PPAF Class: Hybrid Tea Flower Color: Fiery Orange Overlaid with Purple Hybrid Tea Fragrance: Moderate tea and spices Bud Form: Pointed & ovoid Flower Form: Spiraled & double Flower Size: Medium-large, around 3½-4 inch diameter Petal Count: 25 to 30 Stem Length: Medium to long Plant Habit: Tall Growth Habit: Upright to slightly spreading Foliage Color: Glossy medium green Disease Resistance: Good Hybridizer: Christian Bédard Parentage: Moonstone x Paul Gauguin Introduced By: Weeks Roses