Tropical Lightning™

Climbing Roses

The tropical warmth comes in the form of rich sunset-like orange while the dazzling lightning is generated by bright cream stripes. The effect is accentuated by a layer of purple smoke creating a burnt orange combo, perfect for a stormy sky! If you are still in doubt that such colors exist, don’t wait to be struck by lightning to plant this amazing Climber! Each perfectly shaped bud and flower will hold that CRAZY novel color for days and the prolific and vigorous plant, which reaches mature size and full display in 3 years, will only slow down the flowering as it transitions into winter. If the extraordinary bloom colors were not enough, Tropical Lightning presents some of the glossiest leaves of all roses. Add the dark burgundy red coloration of the new shoots and we will all wish for an endless tropical storm!   Rose Name: Tropical Lightning™ Cultivar: ORAlodsem Patent #: PPAF Class: Climber Flower Color: Orange with a purple smoke layer and cream stripes Fragrance: Moderate fruity to apple-like Bud Form: Pointed & ovoid Flower Form: Double & formal Flower Size: Medium, around 3-4 inch diameter, in small clusters Petal Count: 20 to 30 Stem Length: Medium Plant Habit: Long canes of 10-12 feet Growth Habit: Climbing & spreading Foliage Color: Orange with a purple smoke layer and cream stripes Disease Resistance: Good Hybridizer: Pierre Orard Introduced By: Weeks Roses