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Own-root Miniature Roses

Not for the faint of heart when it comes to color, this is an audacious kinda orange. Loads of shiny bright persimmon blooms sparkle against the abundant deep deep glossy green leaves…and that dazzling color lasts all through the life of the flower. This lusciously luminous Mini says ‘Come see me!’ whether it’s in a patio pot or tucked into a garden border.

Cultivar: WEKcofbunk
Class: Miniature
Flower Color: Sparkling true orange
Fragrance: Light
Bud Form: Pointed to ovoid
Flower Form: Double, decorative
Flower Size: Medium, about 1½" in diameter
Petal Count: 15 to 20
Stem Length: Medium
Plant Habit: Medium to medium large for the class
Growth Habit: Very bushy & rounded
Foliage Color: Deep glossy green
Disease Resistance: Very good
Hybridizer: Christian Bédard— 2012
Parentage: Coffee Bean x unknown
Introduced By: Weeks Roses

*Info and photo courtesy of Weeks Roses.