Sedum ~ Sedum 'Lemonjade'
  Diversify your fall Sedum offerings with this unique yellow flowered selection. Unlike most… more
Sedum ~ Sedum
  This low maintenance, compact Stonecrop will be the star of your late summer garden. Dark… more
Sedum ~ Stone
For a rich blanket of color in those hot, sunny areas, try Sedum ‘Firecracker’ from breeder Chris… more
No other Sedum combines the colorful foliage display and groundcover type habit quite like ‘Lime… more
Thymus ~ Creeping Thyme
A sun-loving herb valued as an ornamental groundcover. Forms a dense, flat mat of evergreen, dark… more
Tradescantia ~ Spiderwort
Triangular, concord grape blossoms with sulfur yellow stamens. Each 1.5 inch wide, 3-petaled flower… more
Veronica ~ Speedwell
Incredibly long, violet purple wands of brilliant color comprise the top 2/3 of ‘Hocus Pocus’, much… more
Veronica ~ Spiked Speedwell
This variety is the perfect height to plant behind your low-growing perennials, but in front of… more
Vinca Minor ~ Myrtle/Perwinkle
3" Pot-$1.99, #1-$5.99
An excellent, weed-smothering, evergreen groundcover with small, solid dark green leaves. Lovely… more
Yucca ~ Adams Needle
#1, $11.99
Tough as nails, yuccas are the ideal plant for a no-maintenance garden. Their sword-like foliage… more
This Yucca forms a uniform, spiky, rounded clump of sword-like, blue-green to glaucous grey-green… more