No other Sedum combines the colorful foliage display and groundcover type habit quite like ‘Lime… more
Sedum ~ Stonecrop
Enjoy the dark leaf foliage throughout the summer, and when late summer rolls around, flowers with… more
Sedum ~ Sedum 'Dazzleberry'
This new groundcover type Sedum forms a low growing, compact clump of smoky blue-grey foliage… more
Sedum ~ Sedum 'Lemonjade'
  Diversify your fall Sedum offerings with this unique yellow flowered selection. Unlike most… more
Sedum ~ Sedum
  This low maintenance, compact Stonecrop will be the star of your late summer garden. Dark… more
Thymus ~ Creeping Thyme
A sun-loving herb valued as an ornamental groundcover. Forms a dense, flat mat of evergreen, dark… more
Tradescantia ~ Spiderwort
Triangular, concord grape blossoms with sulfur yellow stamens. Each 1.5 inch wide, 3-petaled flower… more
Veronica ~ Speedwell
Incredibly long, violet purple wands of brilliant color comprise the top 2/3 of ‘Hocus Pocus’, much… more
Veronica ~ Spiked Speedwell
This variety is the perfect height to plant behind your low-growing perennials, but in front of… more
Vinca Minor ~ Myrtle/Perwinkle
3" Pot-$1.99, #1-$5.99
An excellent, weed-smothering, evergreen groundcover with small, solid dark green leaves. Lovely… more
This Yucca forms a uniform, spiky, rounded clump of sword-like, blue-green to glaucous grey-green… more
Yucca ~ Adams Needle
#1, $11.99
Tough as nails, yuccas are the ideal plant for a no-maintenance garden. Their sword-like foliage… more