Ilex verticillata ~ Berry Heavy® Winterberry Holly
Heavy berry production for brilliant winter color!   Berry Heavy® winterberry produces copious… more
Ligustrum ~ Golden Vicary Privet
  A compact shrub with long slender leaves. Will retain bright yellow-green foliage throughout… more
Magnolia ~ Ann Magnolia
The 'Ann' magnolia tree is a member of the Little Girl series from the National Arboretum. 'Ann'… more
Physocarpus opulifolius ~ Summer Wine® Ninebark
Improved variety of ninebark with neat, compact branching and fine, deeply cut, dark crimson-red… more
Potentilla fruticosa ~ Dakota Sunspot® Potentilla
An excellent introduction from North Dakota State University. Compact variety with deep golden, 1"… more
Rhamnus frangula ~ Fine Line® Buckthorn
Fine Line® combines the fern-like foliage of 'Asplenifolia' with the narrow upright habit of '… more
Rhododendron ~ Azalea
4-5' Flowers in April. Prune after blooming. Requires light shde and moist organic soil. A… more
Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger' ~ First Editions® Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac
Exclusively from Bailey Nurseries and First Editions®, Tiger Eyes® is a beautiful golden-leafed… more
Salix ~ French Pussy Willow
Large, silvery catkins before leaves appear in spring. Will grow in moist ground. Similar to common… more
Salix purpurea 'Nana' ~ Dwarf Blue Leaf Arctic Willow
This very attractive plant is popular for its steel-blue foliage and fine textured twigs that are… more
Spiraea ~ Bridal Wreath Spirea
Clusters of pure white flowers completely cover its graceful arching branches. Dark green foliage… more
Spiraea ~ Little Princess Spirea
Small leaves on short wiry stems. Pretty pink flowers bloom in summer. Excellent groundcover or… more
Spiraea ~ First Editions® Sundrop Spirea
This little gem will add a drop of sunshine to any border. Beautiful sprays of pink flowers in… more
Spiraea ~ Goldmound Spirea
A bushy plant with pink flowers in June-July. Outstanding small colorful foliage plant for accent… more
Double Play Doozie® spirea is a ground-breaking non-invasive spirea, the first of its kind. Its… more
Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii ~ First Editions® Candy Coralberry
 For gardeners who are on the lookout for shrubs that provide winter interest after most flowers… more
Syringa ~ President Lincoln Lilac
Possibly the truest blue of any lilac, this French hybrid bears thyrses of single, medium blue… more
Syringa ~ Sensation Lilac
A mutation of 'Hugo de Vries' with single purple florets and a distinctive pure white border. An… more
Syringa ~ Miss Kim Lilac
#2-$29.00, #3-$39.00
This hardy lilac from Korea has purple buds that open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when… more
Syringa ~ Charles Joly Lilac
One of the earlier French hybrids, this lilac is still popular. It bears smaller panicles of purple… more
Syringa ~ Dwarf Korean Lilac
This dwarf variety has an excellent uniform habit and red-purple buds that open to fragrant, single… more
Syringa ~ Common Purple Lilac
This old-fashioned lilac is the one most of us remember from our youth. A perfect informal hedge or… more
Syringa ~ Common White Lilac
This hardy vigorous shrub is the white version of the old-fashioned favorite. It has attractive… more
Syringa ~ Yankee Doodle Lilac
 Among the deepest and darkest of the purples. Profuse bloomer with large clusters of single, large… more
Syringa ~ Bloomerang® Dark Purple
Slightly larger than the original Bloomerang®, with large, dark purple flowers. It is very showy in… more
Syringa ~ Mme. Lemoine Lilac
Named in honor of the wife of the originator of many French hybrids, Victor Lemoine, this showy… more
Viburnum ~ Redwing® American Cranberrybush
A Chicagoland Grows® introduction with excellent form and a good growth rate. Redwing® has… more
Viburnum ~ Koreanspice Viburnum
#3-$49.00, #5-$59.00
Beautiful flowers and outstanding fragrance. Pink to reddish buds open to white blossoms in late… more
Viburnum ~ Chicago Lustre® Arrowwood Viburnum
A Chicagoland Grows® introduction. Selected for its attractive glossy, deep green foliage and… more
Viburnum ~ Common Snowball Viburnum
A popular shrub. Large, double white flowers bloom profusely in April-May. Also known as Viburnum… more