Acer ginnala ~ Amur Maple
This tree has a graceful, irregular shape formed by slender spreading branches. Extremely hardy, it… more
Acer griseum ~ Paperbark Maple
6'-$89.00, #15-1.25"-$149.00
This small tree has rich red-brown exfoliating bark that is beautiful all year long, especially in… more
Acer palmatum ~ Bloodgood Japanese Maple
This small tree has rich red-brown exfoliating bark that is beautiful all year long, especially in… more
Acer palmatum ~ Crimson Queen Japanese Cut Leaf Maple
#2-$99.00, #7-$179.00
Highly prized for its artistic branching and decorative red foliage. Ideal for residential… more
Acer platanoides ~ Emerald Lustre® Maple
Introduced by Bailey Nurseries in 1979, this shade tree was selected by Don Pond for its… more
Acer platanoides ~ Norway Maple
2"-$220.00, 2.5"-$250.00, 3"-$320.00, 3.5"-$390.00, 4"-$460.00
This favorite street and park tree is well adapted to the extremes of urban conditions, including… more
Acer platanoides ~ Deborah Maple
A vigorous grower with a strong, straight central leader, it has brilliant red spring foliage that… more
Acer platanoides ~ Crimson King Maple
8'-$65.00, #15-$120.00, 1"-$120.00 B&B, 1.5"-$169.00 B&B
The dense foliage of this slow growing shade tree remains an excellent maroon-red all season long.… more
Acer pseudoplatanus ~ Regal Petticoat Maple
Spring brings bird of paradise effect. Summer sees deep glossy green surface and velvety royal… more
Acer rubrum ~ Red Maple
2"-$250.00, 3"-$320.00, 4"-$460.00
A fairly rapid growing tree, Red Maple is a beautiful addition to the landscape. The showy red… more
Acer rubrum ~ Red Sunset® Maple
6'-$80.00, #10-$129.00
This outstanding Red Maple offers brilliant red autumn color that is retained longer than most… more
Acer rubrum ~ Armstrong Maple
#15-$149.00, 4"-$460.00
Fast growing columnar selection. It produces a very tall, narrow tree with ascending branches. It… more
Acer rubrum ~ Sun Valley Maple
  'Sun Valley' was selected by the National Arboretum because of its exceptional fall color and… more
Acer saccharinum ~ Silver Maple
6'-$50.00, 1"-$99.00, 2"-$250.00, 3"-$320.00, 4"-$460.00
The fastest growing species of American Maple, this very hardy native combines graceful form,… more
Acer saccharum ~ Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple
1"-$120.00, 2"-$250.00
One look is all you’ll need to see that Fall Fiesta® is superior to the sort. The branching is full… more
Acer t. x plantanoides ~ Crimson Sunset® Maple
Heat tolerance is the distinguishing characteristic of this Acer truncatum hybrid. Its foliage… more
Acer tataricum ~ Hot Wings® Maple
The perfect Maple when you don't have room for a 50-100' tree. The habit is graceful, upright and… more
Acer x freemanii ~ First Editions® Matador Maple
#5-$59.00, 6'-$80.00, #10-$149.00
 Selected because of its superior habit and fall color, Matador™ turns deeper red than Autumn Blaze… more
Acer x freemanii ~ Autumn Blaze® Maple
#5-$59.00, #10-$149.00, 2"-$220.00, 2.5"-$299.00, 3"-$390.00, 4"-$460.00
This hybrid of Silver and Red Maple has experienced phenomenal popularity due to its ascending… more
Aesculus carnea ~ Fort McNair Ruby Horsechestnut
Ruby Horsechestnut is a cultivar that is know for its dark rosy red flowers with yellow throats… more
Aesculus glabra ~ Ohio Buckeye
The palmately compound leaves of this tree are unusual and attractive, especially in the autumn… more
Amelanchier ~ First Editions® Standing Ovation Serviceberry
With three-season interest, this serviceberry deserves a "standing ovation". Dark green, almost… more
Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' ~ Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry
This tremendously popular tree offers white blossoms in spring, followed by showy, sweet purplish-… more
Betula ~ First Editions® Parkland Pillar Birch
A beautiful birch with a narrow, upright, dense habit. It boasts white bark and dense, dark green… more
Betula ~ Heritage® Birch
Single Stem, 6'-$45.00, 2"-$220.00, 3"-$320.00, 4-6' clump-$60.00, 1"-$220.00 CL, 2"-$320.00 CL, 2.5"-$460.00 CL
This vigorous grower has exfoliating bark that is lighter than River Birch, ranging from tan to… more
Betula populifolia ~ Betula populifolia 'Whitespire'
4' clump-$65.00
A white-barked birch with lustrous dark green foliage that changes to yellow in the fall. The twigs… more
Betula x Royal Frost ~ Royal Frost® Birch
Clump- #5-$120.00, Clump-#10-$149.00
This Birch has the best from both of its parents. From 'Whitespire' it inherited beautiful white… more
Caragana arborescens 'Pendula' ~ Siberian Weeping Pea
This Caragana arborescens is budded on a standard, resulting in an attractive weeping plant. The… more
Celtis occidentalis ~ Common Hackberry
#5-$70.00, 3"-$320.00, 4"-$460.00
This moderate to rapid grower is very adaptable to the extremes of urban conditions, including… more
Cercis canadensis ~ Redbud
#7-$120.00, #10-$149.00, 2" clump-$250.00, 2.5" clump-$350.00
This handsome tree bears small pink flowers in spring before leaves appear. Later brown fruit pods… more