Cornus ~ Pagoda Dogwood - Tree Form
This graceful small tree has pale yellow flowers in May, followed by blue-black fruit, and the… more
Cornus ~ Kousa Dogwood
This adorable small tree has year-round beauty. Blooms of creamy white with 2-4" bracts appear… more
Euonymous ~ Winged Burning Bush Tree
For those garden situations where you want a small tree with nice fall color, we have trained… more
Fagus Sylvatica 'Tricolor' ~ Tricolor Beech
#13-6'- $149.00
Small deciduous tree with purple leaves with pink and white borders. Prefers moist soil, light… more
Ginkgo biloba-Male Grafted ~ Weeping Ginkgo Std.
This beautiful weeping standard has distinctive fan-shaped leaves that turn a spectacular gold… more
Ginkgo biloba-Male Grafted ~ Princeton Sentry Ginkgo
An outstanding variety of Ginkgo, columnar in habit disease and pest resistant. A male variety… more
Gleditsia Triacanthos ~ Shademaster® Honeylocust
5'-$45.00, 1"-$99.00, 2"-$225.00, 3"-$390.00
This outstanding thornless honeylocust is considered the best by many. A rapid grower, it is known… more
Gleditsia Triacanthos ~ Skyline® Honeylocust
6'-$60.99, 1"-$99.00, 2"-$225.00, 3"-$390.00
A stately and unusual variety with distinctive pyramidal form, this tree develops a strong, sturdy… more
Gleditsia Triacanthos ~ Sunburst® Honeylocust
6'-$60.00, 1"-$99.00
This cultivar is noted for foliage that emerges bright golden-bronze, fades to green as it matures… more
Gymnocladus dioica ~ Kentucky Coffeetree
  This picturesque tree has deeply furrowed bark and stout branches that are particularly handsome… more
Hibiscus syriacus ~ Woodbridge Hibiscus-Tree Form
 Upright shrub with large, saucer shaped flowers of clear rose-pink with a red center that bloom… more
Hydrangea ~ First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™ - Tree Form
Now available in tree form, perfect for small landscapes or urban gardens. The enormous flower… more
Hydrangea paniculata ~ Pinky Winky™ Hydrangea - Tree form
Now available in tree form, perfect for smaller gardens. Pinky Winky™ resembles its parent '… more
Hydrangea paniculata ~ Limelight Hydrangea - Tree Form
Perfect for smaller gardens. Makes a great vertical accent in borders and decorative containers.… more
Larix ~ Varied Directions Larch Std.
Robust twigs propel the branches up and out. Branches eventually arch down and cover the ground.… more
Liriodendron ~ Tuliptree
#7-$60.00, #15-$120.00
A stately tree for large spaces. Flowers May through early June with attractive green-yellow… more
Malus ~ Brandywine® Crab
In spring, this crab blooms about 7 to 10 days later than oriental crabs, and is covered with… more
Malus ~ Royal Raindrops® Crabapple
Certainly one of the prettiest red-leafed crabapples we've seen. Has a better summer color and… more
Malus ~ Coralburst® Crab
  This small crab is a uniform grower that seldom requires pruning. It forms a compact rounded head… more
Malus ~ Louisa Crab
5'-$90.00, 2"-$220.00, 3"-$390.00
This attractive weeping crab bears red buds that open to true pink flowers, dark glossy green… more
Malus ~ Prairifire Crab
5'-$59.00, 1"- $99.00, 2"-$220.00, 3"-$350.00
This disease resistant cross by Dr. Dan Dayton, University of Illinois, has especially good foliage… more
Malus ~ Red Barron Crab
This crab is uniquely columnar in form at a young age, then matures to a more rounded shape. The… more
Malus ~ Royalty Crab
2"-$175.00, 3"-$250.00
This hardy crab has outstanding foliage. New growth is reddish turning purplish with a green… more
Malus ~ First Editions® Ruby Tears™ Crab
  Naturally weeping form, similar to Louisa and burgundy-green foliage much like Prairiefire. Pink… more
Malus ~ Snowdrift Crab
5'-$45.00, 1"-$90.00, 2"-$220.00
  This outstanding white flowering crab has heavy textured, glossy green foliage, and persistent… more
Malus ~ Spring Snow Crab
1"- $120.00, 2"-$220.00, 3"-$350.00
This fruitless Canadian introduction is completely covered with pink buds that open to fragrant… more
Metasequoia glyptostroboides ~ Dawn Redwood
This beautiful deciduous conifer has a pyramidal to conical habit, and fine feathery texture. Once… more
Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' ~ Bloodgood London Planetree
5'-$60.00, 2"-$220.00
An excellent choice for urban situations, this tree tolerates adverse soils, air pollution, heat,… more
Populus tremuloides ~ Quaking Aspen
The small leaves of this native tree tremble in the slightest breeze for a beautiful effect. It is… more
Prunus ~ Double Weeping Higan Cherry
3'-$99.00, 5'-$99.00
This floriferous, early flowering cherry from Japan has finely textured leaves, graceful pendulous… more