Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan' ~ Kwanzan Cherry
The pendulous, deep pink flowers make this one of the showiest cherries in spring. Foliage emerges… more
Prunus virginiana ~ Canada Red Select Cherry
This improved Canada Red cherry was selected by Bailey Nurseries for its vigorous growth, straight… more
Pyrus calleryana ~ Cleveland Select Pear
2"-$205.00, 3"-$275.00, 4"-$350.00
30-50' An upright form. An excellent tree where space is limited.
Quercus acutissima ~ Sawtooth Oak
Sawtooth Oak is named for the bristle like teeth that run along the Chestnut-like narrow leaves. A… more
Quercus alba ~ White Oak
An outstanding example of our national tree, the White Oak is strong, disease resistant, and… more
Quercus bicolor ~ Swamp White Oak
5'-$80.00, 1.5"-$125.00, 2"-$250.00, 3"-$350.00
Excellent in both wet and upland soils, this tree has a coarser, less deeply incised leaf than Q.… more
Quercus macrocarpa ~ Bur Oak
Native from Nova Scotia to Manitoba and south to Pennsylvania and Texas, this beautiful oak has… more
Quercus palustris ~ Pin Oak
5'-$75.00, 2"-$250.00, 3"-$350.00
This rapid growing, native oak is widely used as a boulevard tree. The many-lobed, sharply pointed… more
Quercus robur ~ Heritage® Oak
From Heritage Trees, Inc., this cross between Q. robur (English oak) and Q. macrocarpa (bur oak)… more
Quercus rubra ~ Northern Red Oak
#5-$80.00, 1"-$120.00, 2"-$250.00, 3"-$350.00
The fastest growing oak and one of the easiest to transplant, this tree is great for street use or… more
Robinia pseudoacacia ~ Purple Robe Locust
This beautiful globe locust has dark rose-pink flowers and foliage that emerges a bronzy-red before… more
Salix ~ Niobe Weeping Willow
This fast growing, golden barked willow has a wide spreading canopy and long, golden drooping… more
Salix ~ Weeping Pussy Willow STD
A strongly weeping form of pussy willow on a standard, this tree is perfect for use as an accent or… more
Syringa ~ Dwarf Korean Lilac Std
Grafted on a 4’ stem, this formal tree has masses of fragrant, light lilac-purple blooms in early… more
Syringa ~ Ivory Silk® Lilac
This Sheridan Nursery selection has a sturdy, more compact, oval growth habit than Japanese tree… more
Syringa ~ Weeping Juliana Hers Lilac Std
 A small and delicately-leaved, weeping ornamental variety. Deliciously fragrant, pendulous light… more
Taxodium distichum ~ Baldcyress
4'-$50.00, #10-$149.00
This deciduous conifer was named a 2001 Nebraska GreatPlants® Award Winner. It is a distinct,… more
Tilia cordata ~ Greenspire® Linden
5'-$69.00, 2"-$250.00, 3"-$350.00
Very suitable for street planting, this 1998 Iowa Tree of the Year has a straight trunk, rich… more
Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' ~ Sterling Silver Linden
5'-$75.00, 2"-$250.00
A symmetrical tree with a broad pyramidal shape. Lustrous, dark green leaves are silvery underneath… more
Ulmus ~ Frontier Elm
The U.S. National Arboretum presents 'Frontier', an elm tree of moderate stature. This hybrid… more
Viburnum ~ Fragrant Snowball Viburnum Std.
4' Std.-$149.00
These branches are tipped with waxy, white “snowball” clusters in spring. Intense, spicy fragrance… more