Andropogon gerardii 'Indian Warrior'

Big Bluestem

Tall, strictly upright clump of green foliage that begins to take on dusky purple tones as early as midsummer. 
In late summer, glossy deep purple, three-branched inflorescences that vaguely resemble a turkey’s foot are produced on reddish stems.  When they first open, tiny bright red-orange pollen sacs dangle from the flowers and are quite visible even from a distance. 
As the cooler weather arrives, the foliage transitions from green to a deep smoky purple with red highlights, becoming enrobed in a shroud of purple by mid-fall.  

Dubbed the “monarch of the prairie”, this native grass was once the dominant component of the American tallgrass prairie.  It adapts easily to a wide range of soil and moisture conditions as long as full sun is provided.  This long-lived grass has a variety of uses including screening, naturalizing, restoring prairies, and nesting materials for birds and mammals.
Height:  5-6 Feet
Spread:  2 Feet
Flower Color: Purple shades
Foliage Color:  Green/purple shades
Sun or Shade?:  Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)

*Photo and info courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.