Fresh Greens ~ Cemetery Blanket
6' x 3' -$45.00, 4' x 2.5' -$30.00
 Grave blankets are made with fresh cut greens at Heller Nursery.      Bows and decorations can be… more
Fresh Greens ~ Bough
 3 lbs. fresh cut greens   Varieties available: White Pine, Scotch Pine, Arborvitae, Juniper,… more
Fresh Wreaths
 36" wreath made with fresh cut greens   A metal nativity scene is wired in the center.
Fresh Wreaths ~ Letter Wreaths
 All letters available.    
Fresh Wreaths ~ Large wreaths
36"-$50.00, 48"-$69.00
 Shown here are the 48" and 36" wreaths. These can be made out of mixed greens.   Larger sizes… more
Fresh Wreaths ~ 36" cross
$25.00 cross only + bow and easel are extra
 36" Freshly made cross with mixed greens   Bows and easels are available for an additional fee.
Fresh Wreaths ~ Star Wreath
 Made with Spruce in this photo.     
Fresh Wreaths ~ Snowflake wreath
36" Snowflake made with fresh greens   Decorations can be added for an addtional fee.