Growing Tips

Trees & Shrubs

PRUNING - Because the trees and shrubs are dormant, maintenance pruning is perfectly safe. Now is the time to thin out and cut away dead or unsightly branches and limbs.
SPRAYING - This is the time to spray with Organic Dormant Oil to prevent disease and insects… especially on fruit trees and shrubs.
PLANTING - As soon as the ground is thawed, roughly April 1st, begin your planting and transplanting projects. Trees, shrubs, perennials… all will be off to a wonderful start with a little bit of care and attention.


The old farmer’s rule of thumb was “When the Forsythias bloom, it’s time to apply crabgrass preventer.” He’s right, so watch for the yellow blooms and nip that crabgrass in the bud.
Around spring break time it’s perfectly safe to dethatch and aerate your lawn. You’ll reap the benefits of doing this early by enjoying a healthy green lawn all summer.
Weed control should begin in May when the broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover are beginning their growth cycle. We carry a number of weed and feed formulations, one just right for your lawn application.


The time to plant your annuals, perennials and vegetables is after the threat of frost has passed. The rule of thumb in our area is around May 15th.
Talk with our professionals about our large selection of hardy bedding plants that will bring summer long color to your flower garden, and a variety of tasty vegetables to your table.


Trees & Shrubs
Most trees and shrubs can easily be transplanted now. We are digging everything in the month of April.

Pansey and Alysseum will also thrive in the cool weather.

Many early vegetables such as peas, onions, potato, cabbage, and lettuce can now be planted so that the summer head will have less effect on them.


Trees & Shrubs
Fruit trees need sprayed for insects and disease. We recommend an all purpose fruit tree spray at this time.

Borers can be killed or prevented in the month of May. Trees that need protected are Ash, Birch and most fruit trees.

Annual and perennial flowers can be planted now. We have 1000's of flowers in bloom ready to transplant.

Many weeds such as Dandelions are now blooming. This is the time to kill them. We recommend a 2 way weed killer. This will kill weeds and fertilize the lawn as well. Check out our Greenview Early Bird sales, many of the products are reduced in April and May!