Asparagus ~ Asparagus
A superior all-male hybrid that consistently yields 2-3 times more spears than 'Mary Washington'.… more
Blackberry ~ Blackberry
  Chester is a thornless and semi-erect variety of blackberry that was developed by the USDA in… more
Blueberry ~ Blueray Blueberry
 An old favorite that produces very large berries that have a classic fresh taste. Pink flowers in… more
Blueberry ~ Blueberry
A midseason blueberry. Considered by many to be the best all around variety for consistent yields,… more
Currant ~ Red Lake Currant
Clusters of large bright red berries borne on 2-3 year old wood. Semi-erect and vigorous. Very… more
Gooseberry ~ Pixwell Gooseberry
Very productive. Pale green fruit becoming pink when ripe. Few thorns. Produces fruit on 2-3 year… more
Grapes ~ Reliance Grape
A red, seedless table grape having high dessert quality. Like all grapes, 'Reliance' requires… more
Grapes ~ Himrod Grape
A yellow-gold fruited variety, having long loose clusters of medium sized berries. Ripens a month… more
Grapes ~ Concord Grape
Blue-black, excellent for eating. Medium to large clusters. Berry size is medium to large. Vigorous… more
Horseradish ~ Horseradish
Horseradish is a beautiful perennial plant that is easy to grow and sends up long stems of white… more
Raspberries ~ Heritage Raspberry
(Everbearing) The medium sized red fruit has very good flavor and quality. First crop mid-July,… more
Raspberries ~ Bristol Black Raspberry
Fruit is black and large with attractive, fairly glossy skin. Flesh is firm. Berries have excellent… more
Rhubarb ~ Rhubarb
An edible rhubarb that is pretty enough to use as an ornamental! 'Victoria' sports huge leaves and… more
Strawberry ~ Strawberry-Junebearing
Potted-$1.50, Bare Root -10/$8.00 (only in March)
Nothing beats the mouthwatering flavor of home-grown strawberries. 'Allstar' is a late-midseason… more
Strawberry ~ Strawberry-Everbearing
Potted-$1.50, Bare Root-10/$8.00 (only in March)
Nothing compares to the mouthwatering flavor of home-grown strawberries. 'Ozark Beauty' has a high… more