Chamaecyparis ~ Golden Mops Threadleaf Falsecypress
Yellow, scale-like foliage covers the thin, pendulous (mop-like) stems with a relatively low, semi-… more
Chamaecyparis ~ Pendula Nootka Alaska Cedar
Statuesque evergreen with a graceful, weeping, pyramidal form. Bluish-green foliage hangs like… more
Juniperus ~ Hetzi Juniper
Excellent, spreader with attractive silver-blue foliage. Fast growing.
Juniperus ~ Blue Rug Juniper
One of the best prostrate junipers. Forms a dense mat of blue foliage. Excellent as a groundcover… more
Juniperus ~ Blue Star Juniper
  Forms a mounded shape of bright, steel-blue foliage. Slow growing. Can be used as a groundcover… more
Juniperus ~ Sea Green Juniper
Attractive mint-green foliage on graceful, fountain-like arching branches makes this an excellent… more
Juniperus ~ Calgary Carpet® Juniper
A superior evergreen groundcover with a very low, spreading habit and attractive soft green foliage… more
Microbiota decussata ~ Russian Cypress
A dwarf, densely branched evergreen with low-spreading form and foliage that resembles arborvitae.… more
Picea ~ Norway Spruce
#5-$69.00, 5-6'-$329
A stately tree with a pyramidal shape when young, and pendulous branches as it matures. The largest… more
Picea ~ Bird's Nest Spruce
#2-$29.00, #3-$39.00, #5-$59.00
  A beautiful dwarf spruce, broad, dense and slow growing. Light green foliage on spreading… more
Picea ~ Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Very slow growing, conical, miniature spruce. Bright green new growth changing to blue-green.… more
Picea ~ Fat Albert Blue Spruce
#5-$120.00, 5-6'-$329.00
A truly blue spurce, this grafted variety is slow grwoing and ideal for situations where youwould… more
Picea ~ Globe Blue Spruce
#5-$99.00, STD-#3-$179.00
Compact, rounded to mound shaped with beautiful blue foliage. Valuable as an accent or specimen… more
Picea ~ Black Hill Spruce
#3-$45.00, #5-$69.00, #10-$199.00
Shapely "Christmas tree" type evergreen, with short, blue-green needles. Shears easily. Useful as a… more
Picea ~ Slenderina Weeping Blue Spruce
More upright than prostrate, this blue spruce has a graceful upward, yet weeping habit and a strong… more
Picea ~ Dwarf Norway Spruce
A dwarf, dense selection that forms a broad globe of 3-4' in height and width. Attractive… more
Pinus ~ Mugo Pine
  Dwarf, bright green color in all seasons. Attractive mounded shape that can be maintained by… more
Pinus ~ Eastern White Pine
#5-$59.00, 4'-$99.00, 5'-$190.00, 6'-$279.00, 7-8'-$319.00
  Fast growing pine, native to a good part of the Eastern United States. Open to loosely pyramidal… more
Pinus ~ Scotch Pine
24"-$59.00, 8'-$329.00
60' Widely grown pine of formal outline, usually forming a picturesque tree in old age.
Pinus ~ Weeping White Pine
Weeping white pine looks like a waterfall of beautiful blue-green needles. It's especially… more
Taxus Media Hicksi
This upright evergreen features dark green foliage. Ideal for use as a screen or hedge in a shaded… more
Taxus x media ~ Dark Green Spreading Yew
#3-$49.00, #5-$79.00
Dark green foliage except during the spring flush when new growth is emerald green. High shade… more
Thuja ~ Highlights Arborivitae
Intense yellow-gold foliage shines year round on this sport of Emerald Green. Tight compact… more
Thuja ~ Emerald Green Arborvitae
#3-$39.00, 3'-$59.00, 4'-$69.00, 5'-$89.00, 6'-$109.00, 8'-$175.00
Evergreen shrub for tall, narrow hedge or screen. Foliage stays green year round. Does well in a… more
Thuja ~ Woodward Globe Arborvitae
18"-$24.00, 24"-$38.00, 30"-$52.00
  Rich green. Retains its globe shape without trimming. Good in full sun or light shade.   Height:… more
Thuja ~ Mr. Bowling Ball® Arborvitae
An excellent choice for a low-maintenance landscape. This versatile, perfectly round evergreen can… more
Thuja ~ Hetz Midget Arborvitae
Dense, globe-shaped form. Requires no shearing to maintain globe form. Very slow grower.   Height:… more
Thuja ~ Green Giant Western Arborvitae
#3-$39.00, #5-$149.00
One of the finest evergreens for use as screening or a windbreak, this upright conifer is versatile… more
Thuja ~ Fire Chief Arborvitae
There are so many uses for this charming dwarf white cedar that a list would delay our precious… more