Phlox subulata 'Emerald Pink' and 'Emerald Blue'

Creeping Phlox
Phlox subulata

 'Emerald Pink' is a long-flowering, pink selection with a compact habit. It puts on a beautiful show of color to brighten up the springtime!
Creeping phlox is a low-growing species which forms a carpet-like mat no taller than 6 inches. This popular little perennial is best utilized in rocky areas, on slopes, and in flower borders.
Height:  4-6 Inches
Spread:  18-24 Inches
Flower Color:  Pink shades
Foliage Color:  Green shades
Sun or Shade?:  Full Sun 

 Want to see wings?:  Attracts butterflies

*Photo and info courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.