Sedum 'Pure Joy'


It was truly a joy to watch this plant progress through the seasons here in our trials. In the spring, very small, sharply serrated leaves emerged a cool shade of blue green, a color reminiscent of the lovely Sedum sieboldii. They formed a perfectly rounded, low mound that was perfect for edging the front of the border.

As the plant aged through the season, the leaves expanded and turned lighter green, forming a short, semi-upright clump.
When late summer and early fall arrived, we understood exactly why the breeder had selected this plant for its flowers. A massive dome of bubblegum pink, star-shaped flowers completely covered the foliage followed by deeper pink seed heads later in fall.
This plant pairs perfectly with other fall bloomers like hardy garden mums, asters, and Black-Eyed Susans. Try a few in containers and at the front of the border.
Height:  10 Inches
Spread:  16 Inches
Flower Color:  Pink Shades 
Foliage Color:  Green shades
Sun or Shade?:  Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)
Need critter resistant plants?:  Rabbit resistant
*Photo and info courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.