Hibiscus syriacus Pink Chiffon® Rose of Sharon

Pink Chiffon® Rose of Sharon
Hibiscus syriacus

Unique, clear pink color!

This beautiful new rose of Sharon has the same flower power and soft, graceful stems of other Chiffon® varieties, but with large, soft pink flowers. You'll fall in love with the distinctive, clear pink blooms - they're a favorite of everyone who sees them in our trial garden!

Top reasons to grow Pink Chiffon® rose of Sharon:

- Perfectly pink blooms - you have to see them to believe just how pretty they really are.

- Unique small leaves on soft, elegant stems.

- Double flowers mean few to no seeds.

Garden Height:  96 - 144 Inches

Spacing:  72 - 84 Inches

Spread:  48 - 72 Inches

Sunlight: Full Sun

*Info courtesy of Proven Winners.